An interview with Jean-François Clervoy

This interview of Jean-François Clervoy was conducted by Louis de Gouyon Matignon for Space Legal Issues on Thursday, April 25, 2019, in the CNES office of Jean-François Clervoy in Paris, France. We talked about Space Law, how astronauts are selected and how much do they earn, the Overview Effect and anecdotes.

An interview with Dr. Maria Costanzo

An interview of Dr. Maria Costanzo, Solution Engineers & Innovation Director of Oracle Italia, who illustrated the potential of Big Data, Oracle’s innovative solutions and some common points that this field presents with the Space Economy. Oracle Corporation is a software company operating in the field of software, data management, cloud solutions and database optimisation.

An interview with Michel Viso

An interview with French veterinarian Michel Viso from the Centre National d’Études Spatiales (CNES) in Paris about exobiology, Enceladus, Europa, Titan, French spationauts, and extraterritorial life. Could we terraform Mars? Could we live on the Moon? How to define life? What is the future of space law?

An interview with Pierre-Henri d’Argenson

An interview with Pierre-Henri d’Argenson, the author of La fin du monde et le dernier dieu – Un nouvel horizon pour l’humanité, about mankind’s future, global warming, Mars, Space Law, spatiopolitics…

An interview with Jean-Pierre Sanfourche

An interview with Jean-Pierre Sanfourche of the Association Aéronautique et Astronautique de France (3AF) about scientific ballooning, the future of aeronautics, the Hermes spaceplane, the Moon village…

An interview with Jacques Blamont

An interview with Jacques Blamont, former French space agency’s scientific and technical director, father of planetary balloon exploration (Blamont sent in 1985 balloons into the Venusian atmosphere), and space legal issues’ Honorary Chairman.