The Paris Convention (1919)

The legal status of Stratolaunch and the future of orbital launch systems

Stratolaunch has recently taken flight for the first time, on April 13, 2019. It must theoretically be used to carry and drop at a 10-kilometre altitude a small rocket that will then light its engine, and will propel itself to outer space to place satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). What is the legal status of Stratolaunch and the future of orbital launch systems?

United States v. Causby

In the debate over the delimitation of airspace and outer space, which has persisted since the dawn of the Space Age, without resolution, it is interesting to look at the United States Supreme Court’s Decision United States v. Causby (1946).

Znamya the Space Mirror

Znamya was a series of Russian experiments developed in the 1990s to study the possibility of sending back radiation from the Sun to illuminate, for example, cities in the Russian Arctic plunged into darkness for much of the year. Znamya objects are space objects; it would be interesting to focus on environmental legal issues concerning that type of project.

Stratobus or the legal status of High Altitude Platform Stations

Stratobus is an autonomous stratospheric platform concept halfway between the satellite and the drone. Complementing the global satellite coverage, what is the legal status of those High Altitude Platform Stations or geostationary aircraft?

The International Civil Aviation Organization

In order to understand better what Space Law is and how it works, let’s keep studying Air Law and discuss throughout this article the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)’ legal status, its structure and missions.

The Chicago Convention of 1944

The Chicago Convention of 1944, drafted by fifty-four nations, was established to promote cooperation and create and preserve friendship and understanding among the nations and peoples of the world. The Convention on International Civil Aviation established the core principles permitting international transport by air.

The Paris Convention of 1919

In 1919, the Paris Convention brought together the victors of the First World War with the aim of establishing an international charter for the control and development of air transport on a worldwide scale.